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In 2006, researchers from George Washington University School of Medicine released the results of a study that showed “A low-fat vegan diet improves glycemic control and cardiovascular risk factors in a randomized clinical trial in individuals with type 2 diabetes.” Diabetes Care 29:1777-1783, 2006


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“This study shows that a low-fat vegan diet and a diet based on ADA nutrition recommendations can help people with type 2 diabetes control their blood glucose levels and lower their chances for heart and blood vessel problems. These improvements were greater with the low-fat vegan diet.” The American Diabetes Association

A separate study by Loma Linda University, also discovered the benefits of a strict vegan diet in relation to diabetes. See full text here:

“Conclusions— The five unit BMI [body mass index] difference between vegans and non-vegetarians indicates a substantial potential of vegetarianism to protect against obesity. Increased conformity to vegetarian diets protected against risk of type 2 diabetes after lifestyle characteristics and BMI were taken into account. Pesco and semi-vegetarian diets afforded intermediate protection.” Diabetes Care DOI: 10.2337/dc08-1886, April 7, 2009