The following undercover videos were taken at various laboratories, and show the reality of animal testing. Please be advised, they do contain some graphic footage.


An investigator with People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals was hired by Covance as a technician and worked inside the company's primate testing lab in Vienna, Virginia, from April 26, 2004, to March 11, 2005.


Huntingdon Life Sciences

Footage from inside the infamous animal test labs of Huntingdon Life Sciences, including undercover footage filmed in 1997 at Huntingdon Research Centre, England and the Princeton Research Centre, New Jersey, USA.


Oregon Regional Primate Center

Footage of ORPC filmed between December 4 and 21, 2001 by an undercover investigator employed at the Center as a primate technician.


University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill

Neglect and abuse documented at UNC from January to November of 2003 by a People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals investigator hired as an animal technician. A prior investigation one year earlier had reveal similar conditions.


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