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Welcome to the Animal Replacements Innovate Scientific Experimentation program, created by the Animal Protection League of New Jersey. The ARISE program was designed to expose the fallacy of animal experiments, promote non-animal research methodologies, and educate consumers on how they can help end an ancient, outmoded practice that harms both people and animals.


FACT: The differences between species are so great, that even after decades of experiments, billions of dollars spent and hundreds of millions of animal lives lost, the best animal experimentation can accomplish is a catastrophic 90% failure rate.


More than 1,000,000 Americans will fall victim to

cancer and heart disease this year.


Animal experiments won't save their lives or yours.


Human diseases need Human answers.

  • This website explains why animal experiments fail.

  • Why this practice, also known as vivisection should be abolished and replaced.

  • How vivisection continues to delay scientific and medical advancement.

  • How the animal model can be replaced immediately.

  • How the replacements are more accurate, less costly, and humane.

  • What you can do in your own home to help stop vivisection.


This website is dedicated to the memory of Matt Fancera.