Historically, the vast majority of medical discoveries have been achieved through human-based research methods. Animal-based experiments as a whole have not contributed to science, but rather have hindered scientific and medical progress. Still, the myth alleging the necessity of animal models continues, perpetuated by those who profit from them. The medical establishment presents itself as an unquestionable authority. After all... they are searching for cures for our afflictions, creating new drugs to ease our pains, investigating new surgical methods to keep us alive. Regrettably, the medical community is indeed tainted with misguided priorities, and the animals aren’t the only ones suffering.




Vivisectors continue to rely on animal experiments, even though they continually fail to provide useful information. Even data derived from human research are often applied to animals in the laboratory, with the supposed purpose of seeking results to apply to humans. This is unscientific and unprofessional, and our tax dollars are paying for most of it.


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Clearly, animal experimentation does not offer safety assurances or relevant data. On the contrary, applying animal-based information to humans has harmed us and delayed scientific and medical progress.



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Scientific and medical progress has been achieved through human-based research and even serendipity, but rarely from animal models. Animal experimentation is frequently credited with such advances, but a closer look reveals the truth: the information was already obtained through non-animal methods, or the animals used were not necessary to the outcome of the study.


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