Read through this website and contact us to get more information. Check out other anti-vivisection organizations and read their literature; you can find some by clicking here.


By knowing the facts about the cruelty and scientific futility of animal experimentation, you will be able to speak intelligently about this sensitive issue. Speak out whenever you can--to your neighbors, co-workers, family, friends, and whenever the topic arises. Write to your newspaper's Letters to the Editor section. Voice your opinion and back it up with the facts.



Request the United States follow the example of the United Kingdom and the European Union and ban the testing of cosmetics on animals.




The Honorable ____________

U.S. House of Representatives

Washington, DC 20515


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Senator ____________

U.S. Senate

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Supporting companies who test their products for safety without animals and boycotting those who continue to engage in animal testing is simply the most important step you can take to end animal experimentation.


Some companies now label their products as not tested on animals. You can find many of these at your local grocery store, drug store, or discount store. Health food and natural food stores offer an even wider selection of cruelty-free products. Look on the back of products to find those "not tested on animals."


Use this link to find products:


For a printable version of our Cruelty-Free Product Guide, click below.



Below are few online stores that offer a wide variety of cruelty-free products.








Make your voice heard! It is important that companies who still engage in animal testing realize their outdated policies are costing them customers. Please write to these companies and tell them you will not be using their products until they stop testing on animals!



If you choose to make a donation to a health charity, please be certain your money is going towards effective and humane research.


It is also important for those charities who continue to fund animal research to know there is opposition to this policy. Please write polite letters requesting they re-examine their stance on animal research.


For more information on charities that harm or help, click here.



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